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Green shading structures

They are mainly shade structures with a total or partial vegetated surface

Shelters in Valladolid (Spain), URBAN GreenUP project

There are different types of shading structure, depending on the structure design and the type of vegetation used, e.g. structure could be textile or wood; vegetation could be climbing and hanging plants; and installation could be fixed to the façades or done by posts.

Parklets in Izmir (Turkey), URBAN GreenUP project (https://www.urbangreenup.eu/news--events/news/new-green-areas-to-enjoy-in-izmir.kl)

Shading structures can be located in narrow streets or parks, or intalled in areas that need shaded spaces, such as squares or transport stops.They should be projected in compliance with safety conditions (access to fire brigade, cleaning services, etc.).

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