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Climate City Contract

Heidelberg CCC and Action Plan

This Climate City Contract and Action Plan was submitted in 2023 by Stockholm and endorsed by the European Commission resulting in the city being awarded the Mission Label.

Governance and policy

Five Configurations for Scaling Up Social Innovation: Case Examples of ...

Academic studies show that the journey from social to institutional entrepreneurship takes different configurations, depending on the initial conditions of the innovative initiatives and obstacles encountered during implementation. Therefore, five different pathways for scaling up social innovation initiatives were developed, consisting of different configurations of key variables, and informed by qualitative interview data from selected non-profit organizations.

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Circular Economy Life Cycle Costing (CE-LCC) 

The Circular Economy Life Cycle Cost (CE-LCC) model is an economic assessment model for the building sector. It is based on current Life Cycle Cost analysis, which calculates the total cost of a product from cradle to grave (such as sales price, use price, and disposal costs) to support decision-making processes during the development of products.     The CE-LCC includes properties of circular economy products, such as different lifespan of parts and components, design for ...

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Heat Recovery & Valorisation

Excess heat from certain processes can be a valuable resource for other processes within the industry and even for other industries or users, directly or after some transformation steps. In general industries have implemented solutions as long as these were cost-effective. However, heat recovery potential is still untapped due to a number of technical and non-technical barriers. Among them, the need to make the recovery cost-effective and the real possibility of reusing it by upgrading ...

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Urban-scale environmental decision support system (DSS) based on EPC (Energy ...

There is a noticeable potential to process Energy Performance Certificate (EPCs) to evaluate the environmental performance of the building sector at the city scale. Such assessment requires an open-access database and a standard level of EPC information reported by cities. Although a review on the availability of EPC databases revealed that several European cities currently report EPC databases, only a few have already provided a public open-access database (see external links section for ...

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Problem Definition

The first stage in developing an effective and efficient response is defining the problem, as what may initially seem to be the problem may be a symptom of an underlying, and potentially larger, issue. The Problem Definition tool enables groups to comprehend what these potential underlying causes are and contextualise the problem to reframe it in a more focused and direct way.

Social innovation