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Engagement, co-creation and co-design of NBS and Green Infrastructure plans and interventions

Those solutions aim at bringing together concrete experiences, different know-hows, views and approaches to design, between different actors, infrastructure plans and solutions using NBS. Involving different actors together entails a wider spectrum when considering methodologies, implementation plans and outcomes predictions. This can be done through a share of interests, needs, examples, skills and technical capabilities. Often these processes encompass social learning, and community participatory processes.

Focal points and drawbacks of a co-design process to address NBS for inclusive urban planning. Source: "Co-design Processes to Address Nature-Based Solutions and Ecosystem Services Demands", Sustainable Cities, 2020.

Benefit: A wider spectrum of actors and contexts co-participating in decision making processes and infrastructural planning can insure a more comprehensive, fair, and equal project, if conflicts of interest are overcome.

It can be implemented in any context interested in applying NBS solutions to its territory.

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