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Cities Mission Capital Hub Finance & Investment Series: Session #4 Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding and citizen financing has been used as an innovative source of finance to engage citizens, business and municipalities as a part of the transition to climate neutrality. This webinar go through the function of the product, how it can be structured and deployed to raise capital for projects as well as case studies showing its effective implementation.

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NetZeroCities Pilot Cities Programme Info-session: Eligibility, Assessment ...

Recording: NetZeroCities Pilot Cities Programme Info Session: Eligibility, Submission Criteria - 14 September This session is organised to answer the following questions: - who can apply to this edition of Pilot Cities Programme Call? - against what criteria will the proposals be assessed? - how to submit a project application? Part of the session is dedicated to Q&A.

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Governance EU Climate Neutrality Framework

Key EU legislations aim at transforming and decarbonising the European building stock. This includes: The Clean Energy Package for all Europeans – a comprehensive set of legislation that defines European climate and energy policy beyond 2020. The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), The Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), and The Renewable Energy Directive (RED) cover the main issues regarding building policies on a European level. A new Circular Economy Action Plan ...

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EcoHouse Antwerp

EcoHouse is a physical one-stop-shop for households offering all city services for sustainable building and living run by the city of Antwerp. Its focus is on energy reduction and renewables, and has a programme focused on providing support and solutions to vulnerable groups. 

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People's Policy

People’s Policy is a method of citizen-led policy development, designed to generate long-term solutions to complex problems in a non-partisan, collaborative way.

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Challenge-based Systems Mapping (Systems Practice)

Systems Practice helps make sense and bring about clarity of complex environments to make substantial social impact on a community or global scale. A method to push beyond the immediate problems to see the underlying patterns and how to learn and adapt the system to change.

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