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The overarching process of Activating an inclusive ecosystem for change is at the heart of the Climate Transition Map approach, and is intended to expand and gain more momentum during each iteration (or turn through the Map). Learn and Reflect process with an inclusive activation of your local ecosystems is key to support and enable a strong Climate City Contract.

To enable and facilitate the collective sense-making and cross-learning by an inclusive activation of the ecosystem for change can be an empowering force, as different individuals, organisations and communities can work together and collaborate radically. Well-connected individuals and communities can also build alliances, partnerships and can form larger and more powerful networks of impact.


Find relevant Citizens and Urban Stakeholder Engagement and Participation Case Studies and Methods to support the “Learn and Reflect” process of the Climate Transition Map. 


Case Studies:  

  1. Environmental monitoring committees in mining contexts An environmental monitoring committee based in Panama that works on water resources. The committee is made up of volunteers who help oversee the evaluation of water. The committee has helped the mining company take responsibility and change practices to reduce pollution of the water.



  1. Citizens Science Citizen science (CS) engages people in research and monitoring and helps expand peoples' knowledge of the subject. Citizen science is often used in studies of biodiversity and the environment, in which people voluntarily collect environmental data, monitor the samples and interpret the data.

  1. Transition Street Groups of friends and neighbours meet every few weeks with a practical workbook to make easy changes in how they use energy, water, food, packaging and transport. 

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