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Circular packaging: Reducing demand for (over)packaging/ packaging waste, improved circular design and strategies that fully replace the need for packaging

There is a clear need to decrease usage of non-renewable raw materials in many applications including packaging. In packaging this means usage of renewable raw materials and decreasing the amount of used packaging material. Target is to produce materials from renewable raw materials that can be used as packaging materials.

Packaging materials are typically multilayer structures including several materials like foils, coatings, substrates and inks. There is also need to decrease the material amount. This means that in multilayer structures thinner layers or less materials is used. In addition, multilayer structures are targeted toe be replaced with monomaterials. All this should be done without losing the properties of the final packaging.

Recyclability of packages and packaging materials is also in target. This is affected by package design and the materials used in the packaging. Widely this is linked to waste management and collection systems. Important target is also that recycled packaging materials would be used in production new materials. The final target would be fully recyclable packaging, which is based on renewable raw materials. 

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