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Advanced Renovation Support

The renovation supporting solutions can potentially support users (Facility managers, Building owners, ESCOs) in the design and selection of most appropriate building renovation actions.

In modern data-driven developments, this is achieved by leveraging the real-time data coming from the actual operation of the building combined with occupants’ behaviuor- and comfort profiles. With the support of  data science (i.e. AI algorithms) an alternative renovation scenarios for the selected buildings in the city can be studied. The alternative scenarios may include various use cases and examples of potential renovation actions and their comparison & ranking based on target emission measures, energy savings, costs and other parameters.

There the commercial products exist in the market such as e.g. IDA-ICE. From European research side, there are projects running that aim at developing AI/Data driven applications and tools to support renovation tasks, such as, for example BEYOND, SYNERGY or MATRYCS.

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