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Energy Management Systems

Energy Management System (EMS) is the powerfull energy management concept that implies:

  • Optimal integration of Distributed Energy Resources (generation, storage an consumption with special relevance of reneable energy) in the energy system, specially in the distribution and transport energy grids.
  • The emerging and active participation of new energy profiles (active consumers, prosumers, aggregators...) in the energy framework, specially in the different existing and coming energy markets.
  • The application of advanced and innovative technologies, specially in the domain of the hybridation of energy vectors and in tech integration of intelligence to the energy management systems -EMS (artificial intellegence, algorithmia, data mining, blockchain...) to allow security, privacy, adaptation and automation.

EMS development are usually approached at different levels, basically:

  • The integration of different energy resources, specially generation and storage, and of different energy vectors (solar-wind-hydrogen, electricity-thermal, diferent forms of bioenergy...).
  • At the energy systems level being improved with remote monitoring and operation and automation capabilities enabling remote management and coordination with other systems.
  • At the energy actor level, specially, at the prosumers level as the owner of the energy system, providing them with smart tools for managing those energy systems dealing with  their energy according to their strategies.
  • At the coordination level of the group of prosumers that form an energy community providing different services to those prosumer orchesting the exchange of energy between them, resolving the related exchange conditions, aggregating resources for the participating in energy markets, complementary services like traceability and registration, privacy, reference information (e.g. energy markets prices), etc.

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