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“Systemic” - A Game for Applying Systems Change Thinking to Policy 

The problems we face today, such as climate change, inequality and ageing populations cannot be fixed by one department alone.
They require a systems approach. This is a game for policymakers to explore how taking a systemic approach can unlock intractable issues in their policy areas.

Playing “Systemic” will enable you to:   

  1. Learn about some foundational systems change frameworks, as well as some of the latest thinking on systems change for people working on social policy issues;   
  2. Better understand the current rules of the game in your policy area - including purpose, how resources flow, which actors hold power, relationships between stakeholders;  
  3. Come up with a shared goal which speaks to the challenges across your systems;   
  4. Test what kind of changes you could make in your policy area, in a safe, simulated environment - providing a way for you to test your thinking with no real-life consequences.

Downloadable Resources
Coversheet - READ ME
Facilitators Guide

Game Pieces - to print
Player Journal

Lead games designer: Matteo Menapace
Lead researcher: Vanessa Lefton
Lead designer: Alex Fleming
Assistant visual designer: Suzie McMurtry

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