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Webinar: Zero-Emission Strategies for Cities

In just one hour, you’ll learn about carbon management, how to identify measures and actions and how to implement them. More importantly: Serge (CEO of Futureproofed and one of Al Gore’s two first European Climate Ambassadors) will share his experiences on transforming cities into climate-neutral cities.

Your host, Serge de Gheldere, has been on a mission to change the world for decades. In 1999, he established an ecodesign focused engineering company. In 2006 he became one of Al Gore’s two first European 'Climate Ambassadors'. Next to being founder and CEO of Futureproofed, Serge is active in multiple different organizations to take climate action and he is a sought-after speaker when it comes to topics related to sustainability.


Introduction – 00:00

The time is now, why climate action is so urgent – 05:58

Driving climate action in cities (roadmap)14:04

A demo of Futureproofed18:24
1. Your CCC supported by Futureproofed (18:24)
2. Climate plan dashboard (26:12)
3. Climate measures (28:43)
4. Investments & savings per measure (32:21)
5. Mitigation cost (35:24)
6. Public page to involve citizens (39:29)
7. Online Futureproofed community (42:00)
8. Summary (44:39)

The impact on your city45:46

Want a more in-depth talk with an expert? Schedule a moment with one of our City Climate Coaches: 

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