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Play!UC is an initiative that developed a series of serious games and following participatory processes to raise awareness and deal with the individual carbon footprint of young adults. The term ‘serious games’ can describe all kinds of physical or digital games that are developed and played not only for entertainment, but have a functional scope as well like education, training or exploration. Different games like a strategy board game that requires players to build an energy network for their region or a smartphone application to navigate vehicles across the urban spaces trying to keep CO2 emissions minimal are meant to raise awareness thorugh gamification and storytelling. Each game addresses a specific social issue within the thematic area of urban carbon footprints. The games are meant to be available for users in their home town or city to create a direct relation to daily behaviour and raise awareness on possibilities to take action as an individual By understanding complex urban problems and how individuals can contribute to their resolution, the games are planned to be combined or followed by participatory processes.

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