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Terre & Humanisme promotes agroecology as an approach in transitioning towards more sustainable farming practices while training people in its application. The association aims to change production models to achieve higher combined economic, social and environmental production based on the founding principles of Agroecology. The association operates on three fundamental pillars:

1. Raising Awareness: To share agroecology (and its practices) as an approach and promote its adoption as a fundamental contribution towards safer, more equitable and climate-positive food systems.

2. Transmit: Training modules and internships on various themes according to a pedagogy that reconciles theoretical requirements and humanist practice. Technical support on agroecological practices to specific projects for a wide range of clients.

3. Network and Community Support : The association has forged long-term partnerships with local organisations to support thousands of farmers and citizens in their projects to disseminate agroecology (with technical, methodological and financial support). Support of a network of ambassadors throughout France trained in the Agroecological approach and its dissemination.

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