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EPC Related Payment: Port of Cork and Kerry County council Pump upgrades

Port of Cork: There is a gain share agreement between the customer and the ESCO, whereby if the actual savings are 4%-6% of the overall energy use, the ESCO will be paid their fees in full. If, however, savings are below 4% of overall energy use, the customer may claw back a percentage of the fees paid to the ESCO. If savings exceed 6% of overall energy use, the ESCO will be paid in bonus. Kerry County council Pump upgrades: In the tendering process, marks are awarded for a pump systems life time costs as opposed to direct comparison of capital costs. In this case the project is awarded to the one with the lowest running costs as opposed to upfront capital costs. Direct link : https://www.seai.ie/publications/Energy-Performance-Related-Payments-EPRP-Guide.pdf

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