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Stuttgart: Internal contracting for energy savings

Stuttgart has successfully implemented an instrument to improve the energy performance of its municipal building stock, and significantly reduce its CO2 emissions: internal contracting, or “Intracting”. Internal contracting allows the city to fund energy-saving and efficiency projects for buildings owned by the city, and is part of Stuttgart’s Climate Protection Programme. The internal contracting is funded through a revolving fund, which is a stable fund that operates without any fiscal year limitation: it is replenished by repaying money used from the account. As a result, no interest or banking fees have to be paid for these investments, and projects can be started faster. In this case, the money used for the replenishment were the savings made thanks to the renovations. Between 1995 and 2013, the fund’s worth increased from € 9,5 million euros, to € 11,8 million euros. It is estimated that the programme resulted in a total of 18 million euros of energy costs saved, within the time frame of 1995-2013 only. Source:https://www.citiesoftomorrow.eu/sites/default/files/documents/Stuttgart%20-%20DE.pdf

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