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NZC CCC Commitments Webinar | 11 October 2022

Presentation displayed during the NZC CCC Commitments Webinar that was organised on 11 October 2022 by NetZeroCities. The recording of the webinar can be found here.

This webinar is an in-depth recap of the Climate City Contract with a focus on the Commitments templates and guidance. It also aims to take stock of inputs insights and content shared so far by NetZeroCities this autumn, and to offer a chance to integrate these into the Climate City Contract process and documents, and ask questions.

The second part of this webinar features a panel of experts and practitioners reflecting on key potential challenges, solutions and next steps on the implementation of the CCC and the Commitments in particular.

The webinar addresses mainly strategic as well as operational staff from Mission Cities, e.g. Environmental directors, Climate Strategy managers or officers, planning directors or further staff dedicated to manage the Cities' activities in the Mission.

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