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EU Policy framework

The policy framework provides an overview of the EU level policies that are most relevant to achieving climate neutrality in cities by 2030.  

The policy framework provides an overview of both regulatory and policy/strategy documents issued at EU level. It includes regulations which are currently in effect, as well as those which have been proposed by the Commission. It includes the policy and strategy documents produced by the Commission most relevant to urban climate neutrality, i.e EU policies which have been identified as having a direct or indirect impact supporting climate neutrality in cities. 

It is is divided into thematic areas to more easily identify clusters of policies and see the links between them. By clicking on a policy the user can read more details about the policy, including updates on its status, and the most relevant provisions of the policy for climate neutrality in cities. 

Larger shapes indicate policies that are considered more important for climate mitigation in cities. The different shapes indicate different types of policy documents.

A few, very central policies such as the European Green Deal and Climate Law, are placed at the centre, and not connected to other policies because they are so central to the framework that showing all connections would overwhelm the map.


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