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Climate Transition Map Series | NZC Co-create a Portfolio Webinar | 4 October 2022

Recording of the NZC Co-create a Portfolio Webinar that was organised on 4 October 2022 by NetZeroCities.

This webinar aims to put Mission cities’s internal teams in a position to engage with the “Co-create a portfolio” phase of their journey, a key process to create an impactful Action Plan and Investment Plan. It will provide the necessary basis for cities’ teams to understand what we call a portfolio approach and will clarify this new vocabulary. The webinar intends to use thought-provoking examples from experts and inspirational cities for Mission cities to be able to plan their work for the co-creation of their portfolio: who to engage, what activities to prepare for, what needs to be available to start the process.  

The presentation slides are available here.

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