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NZC Refresh Webinar for Mission Cities | 1 September 2022

A recap of key concepts and tools, and an overview ofthe next steps.

As we come back from the summer period, this session is the opportunity to refresh Mission Cities on the key elements of the Climate Neutral and Smart Cities Mission and NetZeroCities as the Platform Manager. This webinar will start with an update from Patrick Child, the Mission Manager ofthe Mission for climate-neutral and smart cities, and Thomas Osdoba, the NetZeroCities Coordinator. We will then take a closerlook at theAutumn Schedule in particular the events we have lined up to support you with your Climate City Contract and your application to the Call for Pilot Cities. We will also be taking an overview of how the City Advisors will be engaging with you overthe coming months.

Recording of the "Refresh Webinar" organised by NetZeroCities for Mission Cities on September 2022.

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