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ZKlaster – the Zgorzelec Cluster for the Development of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency – is widely regarded as one of the most successful cases of social innovation in energy in Poland. It aims at setting up a regional Renewable Energy System (RES), to replace the brown coal mining in the region. Representatives of local authorities in the area signed an agreement on the basis of which a “Committee for the Transformation of the Turoszów Region” was established. The role of the Committee is to work for the transformation of the coal region, in accordance with the requirements of national and international law, in cooperation with the European Commission under the "Platform for Coal Regions in Transition". The agreement was initiated by the Poviat Starosty Board (regional adminitration board) of the Zgorzelec county. It aimed at building a multi-stakeholder process, engaging both buisnesses and citizens. One of the key success factors of the cluster can be seen in successfully attracting private business investments into RES infrastructure to build an alternative local energy system, ready to replace the regional coal mine.

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