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PentaHelix aimed to empower local and regional authorities to find innovative and cost-effective approaches to develop, finance, implement and improve sustainable energy and climate action plans (SECAP) that contribute to reaching national and European climate and energy goals and policies. To achieve this, the PentaHelix project developed and tested a new approach for integrating multi-governance planning for sustainable energy, both horizontal and vertical, together with close interaction with key stakeholders in energy efficiency and sustainable energy solutions. Here, integrated development focuses on five different stakeholder groups, who constitute the PentaHelix pillars: · Public authorities (local, regional, national and international); · Industry (and businesses such as SMEs, farmers, trade etc); · Academia (research and educational institutes); · NGOs (associations, interest organisations, etc); · Citizens (house owners, car owners, commuters etc). Representatives of the PentaHelix pillars constitute the task force groups, that serve as a driver for a wider scope of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs), as well as bringing in valuable insights and identification of potential measures, system solutions and a better understanding of drivers and barriers for a more sustainable society as a whole, in each specific region. The approach is developed and tested in Belgium, Croatia, Latvia, Norway and Spain, which enabled its validation across a wide set of different economic, climate, social and political conditions. Furthermore, the project developed a peer-to-peer online platform (https://pentahelix.eu/climate-forum-7/) for SECAP development that can be used by multiple public authorities in joint planning and implementation. This enables the integration of different administrative levels and geographical planning areas as well as enhances the cost efficiency in the entire planning and implementation process based on economy of scale and closer cooperation and exchange.

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