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KLIK (Križevci Climate Innovation Laboratory)

Energy cooperative KLIK (Križevci Climate Innovation Laboratory), was founded in 2020 to help make Križevci a self-sufficient city, but above all to engage citizens in the energy transition. KLIK works on identifying the needs of the local community, implementing technology in the social environment, and empowering the local community through cooperation, joint creation and capacity building. KLIK encourages local people to invest in renewable energy sources, both in public projects and in their households, they help citizens in the development and application of renewable energy projects and are a place for all issues related to energy, climate, quality of life striving to be a driver of change in their local community. Its goal is to democratize the energy system by empowering citizens to produce and consume their own energy and to put citizens at the very centre of the energy transition: they should have control over the production, distribution, and supply of energy. Also, they are discovering opportunities for the citizens to invest their savings in local energy facilities that both generate income and produce clean energy, instead of keeping money in the bank. In this manner, KLIK delivered a first project that allows the citizens to invest in the solar roofs called “Križevački sunčani krovovi” (eng. Solar roofs of Križevci). Citizens were given the opportunity to finance the installation of a 30,667 € power plant on the roof of the Križevci Development Center and Technology Park through a loan for a period of 10 years, during which the investment is returned with an interest rate of 4.5 per cent. The lowest bet was 133 € and the highest was 1,333 €. After the announcement of the campaign, the necessary amount was collected in just 10 days, and the response of the citizens was truly extraordinary. The power of the installed power plant is 30 kW, and the estimated saving in electricity bill payment is 4,800 € per year.

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