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Programme of comprehensive renewal of the historical centre of Zagreb - Blok 19

The programme of comprehensive renewal of the historical centre of Zagreb is a pilot project that combines 12 studies on an area of Zagreb called "Blok 19" in order to present the pathway to comprehensive renewal for all of Zagreb’s 168 areas. The idea for the Programme came after the devastating earthquake that hit the City of Zagreb. It was clear that a fast renovation needed to be done, but the city wanted to go a step further and make the renovation inclusive, meaning that not only would the needed renovation be done, but measures for climate change mitigation and adaptation would also be included, which is in line for the energy transition plan for the historic centre of Zagreb until 2050. This is not an easy process, since the involved buildings are part of Zagreb’s historical centre and are protected as cultural assets. Besides the experts, the most important participants in the process were the inhabitants of the buildings in Blok 19 and the people who work in the area who were engaged in one of the studies.

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