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Data and Solution Catalogues

Given the exponentially increasing amount of data being generated in cities and communities by many different agencies and the fact that much of this data could be of value to other agencies, increasing numbers of local data sharing ecosystems (Local Data Space) are being set up, where many different agencies can make useful data that they are gathering available for use by other agencies. The aim is to make it easy for organisations to offer up their data and easy for potential users of that data to find and access that data.  

This requires a well-managed environment where the data is managed in a way that ensures that it can only be used by pre-agreed agencies for pre-agreed purpose. One requirement of such an environment is a data and solutions catalogue, which provides functionalities to publish and search for different data service offerings.

Data offerings can be organized into groups/categories - in a hierarchical fashion when possible - to allow for an easy navigation and discovery. The catalogue should allow data and solution providers to define the technical description of the data offerings or solutions they offer as well as information related to the offering terms and conditions such as price, SLA, license, etc.

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