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One-stop-shop for building renovation

One-stop shop is a collective term for services offering integrated renovation solutions with the main intention of simplifying the renovation process for homeowners. A one-stop-shop is a virtual and/or physical place where homeowners can find all information and services they need to implement an ambitious global energy renovation project. One-stop shops can play roles as facilitators in the Renovation Wave, by interconnecting funding opportunities, incorporating solutions to new regulatory requirements, organising training and apprenticeship programmes and supporting various awareness-raising activities.

Source: INNOVATE project, Energy Cities

In order to increase the renovation rate in one defined area, the one-stop-shop needs to cover the following services and propose them, ideally, ‘under one roof’:

  • Proactive engagement of homeowners: market segmentation, targeted communication and marketing tools are a key to reach out to the right groups at the right moment (e.g. young families, elderly people, low-income households, etc.) with the right message.
  • Energy renovation and financial plans: These tailor-made plans should aim at achieving deep renovation, depending on the financial means of each homeowner.
  • Coordination of the renovation process on behalf of the homeowner.
  • Long-term and affordable financing: especially for low and medium income families, elderly people and other vulnerable groups who cannot access other financing means although the value of their energy savings is large enough to pay off.
  • Guaranteed results and post-work monitoring including of the quality of works and, ideally, energy savings

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