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Turnkey Retrofit Service

The Turnkey Retrofit service is developed as a homeowner-centric renovation journey, transforming the complex and fragmented renovation process into a simple, straightforward and attractive process: all providers on one platform, where trust is key.

Source: Turnkey Retrofit EU

Integrated home renovation service supporting homeowners with a turnkey solution for:

  • INFORMATION ABOUT THEIR HOME (INITIAL TECHNICAL AND SOCIAL/ BEHAVIOURAL DIAGNOSIS): digital solution providing an overview of alternatives and a first cost estimation based on publicly-available energy data for a specific address, the service will consider behavioural aspects to raise awareness and nudge the occupants to use their energy more wisely;
  • POTENTIAL WORKS (TECHNICAL AND ECONOMICAL OFFERS): jointly elaborated by selected local market actors of the Turnkey Retrofit community, which will adhere to the overall integrated methodology and be committed to respect key quality principles;
  • CONTACTS WITH PROVIDERS AND INSTALLERS AND CONTRACTING OF WORKS: standardised pre-contractual arrangements between involved local actors will be established in order to speed-up the overall contracting process and facilitate subsequent interactions between the project owner and the Turnkey Retrofit service operator (e.g. single payment for the overall operation);
  • STRUCTURING AND PROVISION OF FINANCIAL INCENTIVES: homeowners, or board of co-owners will be guided / directed to the most appropriate available financing opportunities;
  • MONITORING/ ONSITE COORDINATION OF WORKS AND QUALITY ASSURANCE: to ensure quality control, quality assurance and integration of subcontractors. Turnkey Retrofit will use an ICT platform where stakeholders involved in the operation can share, view and manage their tasks in a safe and secure environment, using real-time information directly from the field via mobile apps;
  • COMMISSIONING AND POST-ASSESSMENT OF THE WORKS AND OF THE BUILDING PERFORMANCE: project owners will be invited to promote and share details of their renovation and feedback on the digital platform.

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