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Building Renovation Passport (BRP)

A Building Renovation Passport (BRP) is a document (either electronic or in paper format) outlining a long-term (up to 15-20 years) step-by-step renovation roadmap to achieve deep renovation for a specific building. It addresses the complexity of renovation works and ensures coordination throughout the different stages. They are conceived as an evolution of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), as it supports building owners with personalised suggestions on their renovation options, while accelerating deep renovation. The BRP can also link to a logbook, a (digital) repository where the building’s information can be stored and updated.

Building Renovation Passports as a dynamic system to help property owners on their retrofit journey. Source: Green Finance Institute

The suggested options result from an on-site energy audit fulfilling specific quality criteria and indicators established in dialogue with the owner. The BRP presents renovation as a home-improvement plan, not just as a technical intervention. It is based on the occupant’s needs and specific situations (e.g. age, financial situation, composition of the household, etc.) and outlines each step and links proposed measures, and the related expected benefits, including energy savings and comfort improvement. By doing so, owners can fully understand and embrace the project.

A benefit of the Building Renovation Passports are related to the uptake and accomplishment of the EPBD (Energy Performance Buildings Directive), since by encouraging deep renovation, it results in deep renovation of the building stock; it is part of the list of instruments that can be used to link financial measures with the energy savings achieved through renovation; and it is an effective and transparent advisory tool available to all consumers, it can empower citizens to make the right renovation choices.

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