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Urban-scale environmental decision support system (DSS) based on EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) databases

There is a noticeable potential to process Energy Performance Certificate (EPCs) to evaluate the environmental performance of the building sector at the city scale. Such assessment requires an open-access database and a standard level of EPC information reported by cities. Although a review on the availability of EPC databases revealed that several European cities currently report EPC databases, only a few have already provided a public open-access database (see external links section for further information).

Environmental Decision Support System engine

Given the possibility of providing open access EPC databases as a tangible solution, the use of open data from the EPCs can lead to develop an Environmental Decision Support System (EDSS) tool, which helps in the measurement of potential environmental impacts of the buildings during different phases (e.g. operational phase), or the assessment of several environmental impact categories in compliance with the Life Cycle Assessment standards.

Civil sector heat demand density in each census cell [kWhth/m2 year (cell)]

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