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Educational activities on NBS

Education plays a fundamental role in fostering sustainability literacy and awareness, and Nature-based Solutions (NBS) are an excellent tool to address the topic. Considering the era of unprecedented global changes our societies are experiencing, among which climate change is one of the most notable examples, the urgency of raising awareness and sparking action is ever more prominent. 

In this context, education plays a fundamental role in fostering knowledge about the interplay between nature and society and the exploration of how to develop resilient and inclusive communities. Among other tools, NBS have emerged as a way to address these needs.

Different educational activities can be adapted to a specific audience and time, based on the different stakeholders involved (including schools, adult citizens, NBS professionals, unemployed, policy makers) and logistical circumstances such as the time, budget, and capacity that are available. Different activities can include workshops, lectures, conferences or training courses, but can also go beyond these common activities (exhibitions, think-and-do-tanks, etc.). Since the start of the pandemic, online activities provide the opportunity to reach out to larger audiences whilst saving organisational costs. Activities such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and webinars have been gaining increasing popularity.

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