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Monitoring Systems

The monitoring system is a time measuring tool aimed at monitoring, in the long term, the impact of the energy system. Thanks to the monitoring system it is possible to check the energy and environmental performance of the system collecting data such as water temperatures, water flow rates and energy consumptions. It allows also to verify the comfort conditions inside the building monitoring the inside air temperature.

Monitoring system architecture, where: 1=equipment; 2=data logger; 3=measurement tools; 4=internet connection; 5=server

Through data collection and analysis, the monitoring system allows to:

  • quantify the energy used for the different uses/ services, focusing in particular on those that most affect the overall energy consumption;
  • characterize the efficiency of generation system and optimize the plant management; verify the achievement of the intervention targets;
  • carry out quality control activities;
  • identify any improvement actions to reduce energy and water consumption and improve comfort conditions;
  • assess the environmental profile of the site in relation to environmental indicator CO2eq.

Moreover, the monitoring system enabling the implementation of digital twin and gamification processes. Digital twin is a virtual model of the energy system installed and, together with a continuous commissioning, allows the optimization of the energy system even when the system changes with respect to the original project. Gamification aim is to engage and motivate final users through gaming techniques for a common goal: reduction of energy consumption. 

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